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Field Player Training

          Our field player sessions are designed to maximize the overall performance of any player aspiring to develop deadly technical skills. If you are looking to become world class striker, midfielder, or a defender who can be deadly on the attack then our program is exactly where you want to be. Our field player sessions are recorded and analyzed in order to train you on the technical, physical, tactical and mental science of how to establish yourself as a ruthless, reliable, and consistent offensive weapon with the sole objective of helping you reach your full potential and take your career beyond the levels you aspire to.

Through our world class training program, you can develop a firm foundation in:


-Finishing mechanics

-Ball mastery

-Ball control

-Passing accuracy

-Intelligent decision-making

-Quality first touches

-Precise footwork

-Movement with/without the ball

-Spacial awareness

-Physical prowess


-And more...


         Technical training must be taylor made to fit each players specific needs. Beyond these basic fundamentals, a player’s technical arsenal should include additional work based on the player’s current ability, field position, strengths and weaknesses, and individual goals for improvement. Private individually tailored striker and midfield specific training sessions with Mamba Soccer Academy are a guaranteed way to to expedite and maximize a player's goal scoring, attacking, and all-around performance. Our training methods are unrivaled in analyzing, breaking down and instantly improving players finishing technique, passing, awareness, maximizing the productivity of their off the ball movement and ultimately increasing their goal ratio and match performances. Top players can go 10 games and have less than 100 contacts with the ball in and around the 18yd box. Training with Mamba methods can give you 400% more touches inside key areas (in only 1 hour) than you would get in 10 games or 1 month of generic team training. This increases the speed of your decision making and how you now see the game, awareness increased and 1st touch mastered, coupled with the detailed match and training analysis this whole program provides the training and coaching knowledge strikers and midfielders need to become more productive and consistent in producing goal scoring performances.


Our goal is to create exercises which mirror live game situations with an emphasis on game speed intensity in order to prepare you properly for your matches. Through this process you will become a threat from everywhere on the field instilling fear in the opposing team. 1-on-1 private sessions are only recommended to advanced players who are passionate about developing into an elite player. We also offer specialized group sessions for all different levels of players! Contact us today to take control of your development and become a Mamba Member today! 

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